The Tale of Ragnar’s Sons

In Sigurd’s snake eye one could see
back to when his father, the king
drew his last breath
and this Earth he left
with a riddle of death:

“How the little piggies will grunt
when they hear how the old boar suffered”
said he
Words mistaken for those of an old fool
for an old fool he taught himself to be
but how could a fool’s last words affront
the high lords of the rich lands across the sea?

The voice of Thor spread
the dying king’s words across the seas
to the little piggies, King Ragnar’s sons
they sounded like a summoning for battle
cold steel forged by scorching thunder
boats built, sails floating in the wind
for once sailing with ease.

The heathen army they gathered
was one to engrave in History
but when the sons of Ragnar set foot in Nothumbria
The lords and kings refused to bend the knee.

The madness of the littlest piggie
led the brothers to Ragnar’s killer,
the great king Aelle
and together took him apart without pity.

Raw flesh, skin and bone exposed
the sons cut him open deep
in the shape of a Blood Eagle.
When they were done
and his body decomposed
Aelle was no longer regal.

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